FTWCRW Foot-Jammer flat pedal straps

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After months of prototypes tested on riders with years of experience with riding fixed, we are proud to introduce the FTWCRW Foot Jammers to our collection. Made here in Australia by Skingrowsback from bullet proof materials, these are sure to last.

We wanted to design a versatile BMX or Flat pedal retention system that works great on both big and small feet. We also wanted then to be Adjustable on the fly, and comfortable when riding. After working on the design we've been through various prototypes tested over a period of 4 months. We are very excited to share this with our community worldwide and local so support something home grown!

NOTE: These work best with BMX flat pedals with wide slits on the sides, We recommend Stolen Thermalite, Eclat, Shadow Conspiracy Ravengers and Nuke Proof. Plastic Body's also work better.